Name Description

Terminates the current macro and dumps all content into the chat window for you to edit


Asks for text input and includes it into the macro


Opens a list populated with the specified items and includes the selected one


Similar to $$? in that it asks for an input, but shows the specified name in front of the input box


Includes the content of the file directly into the current macro


Provides up to ten different configurable lists, where you can add whatever text you want


Opens a prompt where you can add friends


Opens a list of homes


Opens a list of items and blocks and returns the whole item id with metadata included


Presents you a list with all available resource packs


Opens a prompt with all script files inside the `


Opens a list of all saved places


Opens a list of all available shaders


Opens a list of towns on your server


Opens a list of all current users on your server


Opens a list of warps